Wedding Photography for Jessica and Linton

Jessica and Linton’s wedding will always be a special one for me. Having known Jess and her family personally for over 12 years now, I was thrilled to hear the news that Jess was getting married. I knew this would be such a beautiful day, as they are such a beautiful family.

As the day drew closer, the planning done by Jess and her mother, Christine, was coming together smoothly as they ticked things off the to-do list. Although the wedding plans did change a few times – the idea of 30 guests grew to 100 for starters – Jess remained calm throughout the planning process.

Before we knew it, the day finally arrived. I headed to Linton’s family home where he was getting ready. They both decided not to have a bridal party; instead they wanted just the two of them standing side by side. When I arrived at the house, Lint was clearly so excited about the day. He smiled from ear to ear and was so happy to get started.

We began with the detail shots, which included his bowtie, cufflinks and watch. Lint had all of these items organised, which made it nice and easy for me. As I set these up, we chatted easily and I could tell he was so elated to be marrying his best friend.

Following this, we took some shots of Linton as he got ready. We were soon joined by his parents who helped him with the final details. Once he was fully dressed in his suit, we took some pictures of him and his parents in the gorgeous gardens at their home.

Shortly after, it was time for me to head off to see Jessica. When I arrived, she was having the final touches of her hair and make-up done. She looked absolutely stunning and her eyes and gorgeous smile reflected how excited she was for the day.

I began with her detail shots – her jewelry and tiara looked stunningly elegant. Whilst I worked I got to catch up with the family, which was fabulous. Every detail of Jess’ bridal ensemble was lovely – especially the dress, which was made by a dress maker in the Macedon Ranges; Heidi. As it hung in window, the light shown through and we all stood back admiring its beauty.

Once everyone was dressed, we got some lovely photos in the garden at the house. We were competing with the rain as strong winds whipped by; the weather was rather gloomy. We managed to get some great shots in just before the next little shower.

It was then time to head off to the ceremony, which was held at the gorgeous Treacy Centre in Parkville. We became incredibly lucky in terms of the weather. As I arrived, the sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds and sunlight streamed through. It was then a bright, sunny afternoon. We were all so relieved, as this meant we could hold the ceremony outside as was originally planned.

The short ceremony was led by the lovely celebrant, Lisa Harris. Jessica and Linton were adorable as they giggled throughout their vows and the signing of the papers. It was a very sweet and intimate ceremony as everyone watched as they tied the knot.

Once the guests had congratulated the happy newlyweds, we got into the family photos. We did this beneath the shelter of a big tree at the Treacy Centre, which was gorgeous. By this stage, the day had become quite warm – typical unpredictable Melbourne!

The reception was a very relaxed affair. The drinks and canapés were all served in the gardens. The atmosphere was buzzing with chatter amongst family and friends who had all gathered to celebrate Jess and Linton’s love for each other.

As the sun began to set, I pulled the happy couple aside to get a few more photos. We crossed the road and walked into the park. The two were on a high as they chatted excitedly and called each other by their nicknames. The session was wonderfully candid and it captured natural poses and laughter between them.

Thanks again to Jess and Linton, as well as to their families, for including me in this gorgeous celebration. As a photographer and guest, it was such a lovely day. I truly wish you all the best as you embark on your future together!

Lots of love,

Madeleine xx


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