Wedding Photography for Bronwyn & Stephen

Getting to know Bronwyn and Stephen has been fabulous. I’ve now known them for over nine months and can happily say every exchange has been wonderful.

After receiving an enquiry from an excited bride on my website, I quickly organised a time to catch up and discuss plans for the day! I met Bronwyn and Stephen one evening at their beautiful home. As we sat and chatted about their plans, I felt like I had known the two for ages. It was lovely to be able to share some of my great contacts within the wedding industry to help Bronwyn early on in her planning.

As the day neared we decided to meet at the venue, The Boulevard in Kew. It was great to see Bronwyn and Stephen again; together we planned a bit of the day and decided on spaces we would use for the photos. As always, it was so exciting to see the next location for my shoot. The venue backed onto a golf course, so there was plenty of gorgeous open space, along with stunning walls of tall bark from the trees.

Their special day finally came; albeit a windy day, but this did not deter the bride’s excitement. I arrived at the bridal preparation location, which was an Air BNB house that had been hired for Bronwyn’s family. The space was lovely and the girls and family members all looked comfortable and happily sheltered from the weather.

I was so excited to see Bron, who was already looking fabulous as her makeup was being done by Nikki Domm. We all chatted as the finishing touches were being made. Hair dresser, Sasha Madden, had already worked her magic on the lovely ladies – they all looked stunning.

Whilst the conversations continued, I started on the detail shots. Bronwyn was well prepared and had followed my list of things to have together for this session. This allowed me to get straight into it. The details were spectacular; especially the dazzling shoes!

The next shots I got were of the wedding dress. Words cannot begin to describe how breathtakingly gorgeous this was! The Amaline Vitale dress (from the Bespoke collection) was hanging in the spare bedroom and I gasped upon seeing it for the first time. I could hardly wait to see Bron in this!

The bridal session moved along nice and quickly. Time always flies during these shots as the anticipation grows. It was a great casual session; everyone was relaxed and candid in front my of cameras. There were so many giggles filling the room! The girls got into their dresses and we got a first look at the bridal party with Bronwyn’s Dad, who had not seen the dress at all! We got some lovely shots of the girls together, as well as of Bronwyn with her parents.

Before we knew it, it was time for me to head off to the ceremony. Upon arrival, I pondered my earlier conversation with the bride. Bronwyn was telling us the wind was supposed to die down from around 5pm. I had a few minutes to say a quick hello to the boys, who looked handsome in their Simply Red Formal Hire Suits . Stephen was welcoming the guests and shortly after it was time to get into position as the girls were due to arrive.

The ceremony was at 5.15pm and just as Bron had said, the wind eased right on time! The space was set between two rows of beautiful tall trees. There were gorgeous chairs set in rows on either side of a white carpet along the aisle. Lush flowers from Thrive adorned the space and hanging white lanterns created a soft, romantic atmosphere. The setting was stunning and was a perfect location for the two to exchange their vows.

Soon we saw the Black Fleet cars arrive to mark the arrival of the bride. After a quick check, we were underway. The girls walked from the car park and down the aisle; everyone stood up in awe of how gorgeous they all looked. Next came Bronwyn arm in arm with her father. This was clearly a special moment for her dad; he looked so proud as he walked his daughter down the aisle. The ceremony, led by celebrant Chloe Veith, was gorgeous.

After the ceremony, we all gathered in the open space of the golf course and called for a group photo. There was a great gathering of guests and we worked quickly so they could head to the reception. Family shots followed and then we moved onto the bridal party photos.

During the early days of planning, we had discussed spending more time on the portraits of the two of them rather than the entire bridal party. Whilst they are all very important to Bronwyn and Stephen, we wanted to ensure the time was used to capture their love in this gorgeous setting!

The time we spent wandering around the location felt quite special. The three of us were so comfortable; we chatted and giggled and had a very relaxed session. They continuously exchanged loving glances and looked so intimate in many of their poses. Their connection is undeniable, which is portrayed in these images.

We soon headed back to the reception to join the guests for the evening’s celebrations. The venue was lovely; it was all set for the seated function to begin. The atmosphere was fabulous as the Baker Boys played live music, which guests enjoyed. A beautiful cake by Creme de la Cake sat nearby. Everyone was clearly having a wonderful time.

I was eager to pop back out for my favourite part of the day: the sunset shoot. Once the entrees were served, we headed back outside for a few more shots. The clouds from earlier on had cleared, so the sunset was a perfect backdrop for these images. I’m so happy with what was achieved in such a short time; soft romantic lighting made these look stunning. These are gorgeous shots Bronwyn and Stephen will be able to enjoy for years to come!

Congratulations again to Bronwyn and Stephen! Thank you so much for including me in your special day and for making me feel so welcome. I have no doubt you two will have a loving future together!

Lots of love,

Madeleine xx

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