Vertical Concrete by Fashion Designer Tilly Rule

I was honoured when I was asked to photograph the final collection for Tilly, an RMIT final year Fashion student. The work blew me away- such professionalism, and designs that I would hope soon be available for purchase.

Blurb from designer:

Originally Inspired by the street photography of Henri Cartier Bresson, vertical concrete is a collection that focuses on the contrast of the structured male suit against a desolate concrete landscape and the idea of reinterpreting and re-contextualising the classic woollen pinstripe into womenswear garments. Typical fashion genres have been considered, mixing together elements of casual wear, formal wear and corporate wear, to create a hybrid genre. The typical male pinstripe suit, a classic representation of masculine dominance and power, has been re- worked and striped back to create garments that are softer and more feminine in appearance while still encapsulating strength and potency. Many of the garments are loose fitting, and free flowing, with fringing techniques adding movement to the pieces. Materials with different transparency and texture have been considered through the design process, bringing the neutral colour palette to life.

This project has been presented through a capsule collection that features seven looks and a final publication. Each look aims to reinterpret the pinstripe in a new and intriguing way, balancing masculine elements of the traditional suit with softer feminine movement.

Creative Team:

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