Top 5 Naked Wedding Cake Styles

I absolutely adore the latest trend that is sweeping weddings across Australia: naked cakes. They look simple, yet elegant. While copious frosting is generally slathered on the tops and sides of traditional wedding cakes, this style focuses on the layers. Plus, you can indulge in piling on your choice of decorations on top.

These bare, yet gorgeous cakes come in many different styles and flavours. I’ve compiled some of my favourites to inspire any lovely brides-to-be. They can also work for other special occasions, including engagement and anniversary parties. Try to create these styles yourself or describe your preferred style to a cake vendor. Prepare for your mouth to water!

Berry Delicious


Between every layer of spongey cake, spread on a layer of buttercream frosting. Then scatter delicious berries along the sides – they will stick to the cream between the layers. Add raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries; these rich forest fruit colours will bring your cake to life. Pile even more on the top tier for a vibrant cake that is not overtaken by artificial sweetness.




Delicious Drips

delicious-dripsIndulge in a delicious cake without the excessive frosting. Keep the sides of the cake bare and opt to drizzle delicious salted caramel over the top. Let the gooey frosting drip along the sides for a cascading effect. It’s best to do this when the caramel is still slightly warm. It will look subtle, yet the flavours will still be divine. Add a few carefully placed flowers on the side for extra embellishment.




Wildflower ‘Frosting’


For a lush looking wedding cake, replace the frosting on top with a handful of delicate wildflowers. These carefully strewn flowers amongst forest green foliage look so simple and rustic. The layers themselves can be a simple light sponge or a flourless orange and almond cake. To finish off the bohemian look, place atop a wooden cake stand.




Ravishing Red Velvet


This cake is all time favourite among many. The dense sponginess of cake layers atop generous layers of cream delights wedding guests time and time again. The rich red is stunning; there is no need to detract from it with heaps of frosting. Opt for stewed berries or romantic red roses to complete these look.




Succulent Simplicity


Try a clean, modest naked cake adorned with pastel coloured succulents; they come in so many shapes, sizes and colours! Place them along the different layers. I especially love succulents that look like beautiful blooming flowers. This style looks great on a simple marble stand. Your guests will be so amazed by this trending style.




These are just a handful of innovative naked cake styles. Not only are they delicious, but their lack of sugary frosting allows us to be more creative with decorations and embellishments. I would love to know what your favourite wedding cake trend is!

For more inspiration, head over to my pintrest board around this topic here, or to read my post on Top Spring Wedding Trends. Get in touch with me and let me know what trends you’d like me to explore.

Much love,

Madeleine xxx