Tihana and Sean’s Wedding & Reception Photography

I was connected with Sean and Tihana through one of my favourite wedding planners and friend, Vanessa Rossini. She is so talented and I’ve loved working with her thus far. She told me about a lovely couple who are based in Western Australia and were to be married in Melbourne. When Tihana and I spoke on the phone for the first time, I knew we would get along well.

Vanessa had done an amazing job organising their special day; the reception was chosen already. I got very excited when I heard they would be holding it at Kooyong Tennis Club, as I’d heard amazing things about it. Tihana and I decided to meet at the Tennis Club so we could get to know the area and scope out potential photography opportunities. On the day, I also met her soon-to-be-husband and Tihana’s lovely sister, Alexandra. Everyone was so excited for the upcoming day.

Once that morning finally rolled around, I excitedly jumped into my car and headed to Tihana’s parent’s house. As soon as my assistant and I pulled up, we could hear festive music drifting out of the windows. The bridesmaids were already dressed in pastel silky dresses by Shona Joy; everyone’s hair styles and make-up looked fabulous! Tihana looked calm and was happily enjoying the preparations with her fun bridesmaids.

I got some shots of the details and accessories; before long, it was time for Tihana to get into her beautiful wedding dress by Tuscany Bridal. She looked absolutely stunning. The girls and I had to take a moment to admire the delicate layers of lace extending down the length of the beautiful trail. We got some beautiful shots of Tihana with her mum and dad; they looked so proud of their gorgeous daughter.

It was then time to head over to Saint Steven of Dechani Church, which is a Serbian orthodox church in Currum Downs. Upon our arrival, we saw that many guests were already waiting in anticipation. Sean was there amongst his groomsmen; everyone was clearly looking forward to see witness the beautiful ceremony ahead. Soon the time came for everyone to usher into the church.

Rev. Fr Bojan Vlajic started to lead the service as the boys waiting anxiously at the front of the church. They were soon joined by the bridesmaids, followed by the beautiful bride with her maid of honour/sister, Alexandra. The entire wedding party looked amazing as traditional elements of the ceremony unfolded. Before we knew it, Tihana and Sean shared a beautiful kiss for the first time as husband and wife.

The bridal party then waited at the front of the church as each guest lined up and got a chance to personally congratulate them. It was lovely to hear the genuine excitement amongst family and friends as they spoke with the newlyweds and the wedding party. When this concluded, I took some lovely family photos. Sunlight streamed in from the stained glass windows within the church, which provided warm lighting in these images.

After more photos with extended family was taken outside the church, we headed to the reception. The Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club made an excellent venue; it was decorated beautifully and the space was perfect for dancing and celebrating. I took shots of the details here, including the stunning tiered cake made by Sweet Affection Cake Designs. All of the centrepieces by Thrive Flowers also made the room look decked out for the occasion.

The bridal party arrived shortly after us and we set off for the location shoots. The staff were extremely helpful and proud to show off their diverse venue. We headed through the courts, where players excitedly congratulated the newly married couple. There were smiles all around as they chatted excitedly amongst themselves. This is clearly a tight-knit group of friends who had a lovely energy together.

This venue had so many great photo opportunities. Group shots and couple shots were taken beneath gorgeous trees. Her lace dress looks stunning splayed out in each of these images. Following this, we walked over to the centre court. Years earlier, the Australian Open had taken place here. These images look so vibrant; the bright blue courts looked stunning against their suits and dresses. The contrast in colour made this very fun for me to photograph. We also made sure to take photos out the front of the venue itself.

Reception was due to start shortly after this, so we headed back inside so everyone could enjoy some down time before the introductions started. Champagne and snacks were laid out, and they all freshened up and relaxed. They were all in great spirits when the guests streamed in, and had fun with the introductions and speeches. Following the cutting of the cake, they shared a lovely first dance. The smiles never left their faces and love was reflected in each other’s eyes.

I wish these two a life time of happiness together. It was a joy getting to know this lovely couple and I’m so glad I got to be a part of the celebration! I look forward to hearing about your adventures you are bound to share throughout your life.

Much love,

Madeleine xx


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