Rhiannon & Danny’s Intimate Wedding

First of all, I would just like to extend a massive thank you to Rhi and Danny for letting me be a part of their special day. They are truly beautiful people and I had such a lovely time. Leading up to the wedding – whether it was in person, over the phone or via e-mail – they were always such an absolute pleasure to communicate with.

Rhi and Dan were introduced to me through the amazing wedding planner, Vanessa Rossinni. As far as I was concerned, that was enough said! I knew the wedding was going to be incredible if Ness has anything to do with it; I love her approach to wedding planning, and in this case the wedding styling too!

They have to be one of the most chilled out couples I’ve dealt with yet. The wedding day was definitely not perfect when it came to the weather. The predicted weather forecast was 90% chance of rain (and lots of it), as well as a chance of hail, thunderstorm and gusting winds. Thanks Melbourne! Other people would have been in a panic, but not these two. They were just so excited to be married and nothing could deflect from that.

I arrived at their beautiful new home for their preparation shots. They had decided they wouldn’t have a bridal party; instead, they would get ready together. They were so relaxed when I arrived; Rhi looked comfy in a fluffy robe as the final touches to her hair and make-up were being done, and Danny sat calmly in his slippers.

As they finished getting ready, I began photographing the details of their outfits, rings and the gorgeous bouquet. Their style and personality were perfectly reflected in every detail, which I loved. Pops of colour and floral patterns throughout their ensemble and flower arrangements all looked stunning.

Rhi was then ready to hop into her wedding dress, which was very exciting. When Danny saw his beautiful bride dressed up for the first time, his facial expression was full of happiness and adoration. They both stood facing each other with the biggest smiles on their faces, which was gorgeous to capture.

The date of their wedding was also the anniversary of when they first started their relationship. They took a moment to have a glass of champagne together and toasted to their time together thus far and the future they were embarking on. It was very special.

We had planned on going to the gardens on the way to the venue, but decided against it. Rhi and Danny had such a pleasant, relaxing morning and wanted to continue this streak. Instead we headed straight to The Gables, which was the venue for both the ceremony and the reception.

We stepped out into the gardens to take some shots of the two of them outside. The gorgeous water feature and greenery was the perfect backdrop, as they complimented the floral prints within their outfits. These images turned out so well. The twinkle in their eyes when they gazed at each other made it so clear how much they adore each other.

From here, we went to use two rooms upstairs for the portrait sessions. These were a great back-up option for the rainy day we had. We got more shots here before the family arrived. Capturing the moments when everyone saw the couple for the first time was so special. Everyone hugged and kissed and complimented each other, which was lovely to witness. They’re obviously a very close-knit family!

The ceremony was held in the back-up room, which was stunning. Daylight streamed in through gorgeous stained glass windows and an elegant chandelier created a wonderful setting. They exchanged vows and rings, then smiled ear to ear as they were announced man and wife.

Guests gathered around to congratulate them before we began the family photos. Luckily, there was a break in the rainfall and the sun managed to peak out through grey clouds. I snapped away with my camera and managed to get some excellent shots of them with lovely natural sunlight.

As this was being done, friends and other family members enjoyed canapés and drinks. Soon enough, the newlyweds and their family joined in on the celebration. It was a lunchtime reception; the table settings were gorgeous and everyone was sitting down and clearly enjoying themselves.

The first dance was very special; the live performance created a wonderful atmosphere as they shared a romantic moments together. This was then followed by very touching speeches. Family stories were shared, as well as some beautiful comments thanking their friends for the support they have shown.

Thanks again to you absolutely gorgeous people for including me in your special day! I’ll never forget our giggles we shared, as well as the excitement I felt for you both. The love portrayed during the ceremony and your genuinely beautiful personalities are infectious! Congratulations to you both; I wish you the very best.

Lots of Love,

Madeleine xxx

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