Q&A with Cake Ink

cakesink-cakesingroupMeet the team:

Who are the faces behind Cake Ink?
Janelle (cake) and Samone (ink) met in 2008 in a past life! Working corporate jobs in marketing and graphic design, we met through our old jobs and formed a quick friendship that shared a love for good design, baking and pretty things.

How long have your been in business?
We’ve been in business for around 6 years now

Where are you located?
We both work from our home studios, our main studio being in Janelle’s converted garage in the outer south east of Melbourne

Do you only work in weddings or cater other events too?
We love to work on all kinds of events, from weddings to birthdays, Christenings, bridal showers, and anything in between


What is it about cakes you love so much?
We love to stay ahead of the game and create exciting new looks and colour palettes. The diversity in design is so fun too – creating a gorgeous semi-naked cake with amazing fresh flowers, or a super detailed multiple tiered cake with intricate sugar flowers and piping work, working with current trends and creating our own is part of the fun.

cakesink-handpaintingWhat part of running your business if your favourite part?
Definitely the creative part – working together to combine our skills to create beautiful and inspiring cake and stationery, and then being able to partake in someone’s big day and share this with them is definitely a favourite part of our roles!

What common mistakes are you seeing couples make?
Leaving it too late to book their cake! We book out so quickly in the peak months, the sooner they can get in the better!

cakesink-girsinactionWhat should couples be asking you that they don’t ask?
Sometimes it would be nice to be able to try new things – often couples come to us with images of cake and stationery that we often create over and over, it would be really refreshing to have more couples that are brave and willing to try something outside the square! Sometimes it is good to trust your vendors and their creative vision, give them a direct brief but then let them do their job, the good vendors will create something amazing if you let them!

What is the best advice you can give for a couple planning a wedding?
Stay true to yourself and what you want, it is so hard sometimes having the influence of family members trying to steer the direction of things like venue choice, colour palette, who to invite and where to sit them, etc. We say it’s your day, do it your way!!

What is a dream cake-making project or have you already done it?
We love to work together and create amazing sugar flowers to pair with a cake that has matching hand painted details, and pushing the boundaries with colour palette, pattern, scale and shape is always exciting.

cakesink-springcakeWhat’s a regular day like for Cakes Ink?
We juggle work with raising our young families, so a typical day is filled with the usual mum jobs plus answering emails, baking/decorating, working on illustrations for any upcoming invite designs, regular phone calls back and forth between us both discussing work in progress, and lots and lots of coffee.

Can you tell me about the creative process for making your cakes?
Usually, there is a spark of an idea, and it’s just go from there, the excitement of a new idea drives us to create new designs and we really thrive and bounce off each other’s creativity and ideas

cakeink-vendorpostI think of you as a cake artist- where do you draw your inspirations?
Inspiration comes from many places – a change in the seasons, a pretty new patterned dress, the latest fashion mag cover, a bunch of flowers bought at the local florist – inspiration really can hit anywhere

What are some tips of getting a beautiful wedding cake, whilst staying within a reasonable budget?
We find that each couple is different, and everyone has a different priority for their big day. Some think cake is super important and spare no expense, while other couples don’t find it as important and are happy with a simpler, more modest cake. Shop around, and be honest with your vendors, most will try and be accommodating within reason to fit within budget and will be able to offer options to suit both big and small scale

cakeink-floralcakeHow do you relax in your time outside of your business?
Spending time with our family is always a priority outside of work! Getting out, fresh air, sunshine and laughter, usually by the seaside if we can!

Can you please explain your booking procedure?
As well as our online store (where you can order stationery and cake direct), we have a form on our contact page which collects all the info we need to then check our availability and chat about your requirements


I had the pleasure of working with Cakes Ink at an gorgeous celebration I photographed. To see Nicole and James Engagement Party photos please click here.

Contact details for Cake Ink.
Website: www.cakeink.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cakeink/
Instagram: @cake_ink