Q&A with Bec Wilson Make Up Artist


Meet Bec: tell us a bit about yourself and how your business developed

Before I got into hair and makeup I was a flight attendant for 4 years… flying both domestic and international. On the longer flight’s I used to face paint little kids faces. From here it developed into a small business idea where I painted at fairs and functions… this then expanded into makeup. I was always the friend who did everyone’s makeup when we were getting ready to go out, or for any special events. I have always been very good with hair so I thought why not turn something I love into a career which is when my makeup business was born. After training as a makeup artist everything started falling into place.

How long have you been a makeup artist?

7 years as a qualified makeup artist

becwilsonmakeup-supriseDo you offer hair services for brides as well?

I sure do! I pride myself on up-dos and braids. This is another fabulous part of my business and I get excited to share in my clients ideas and help create their vision.


-What is your favourite part of your job?

Making people not only look good but feel good about themselves. Nothing is better that watching a client’s reaction when I hand them the mirror and see that wow moment! I cant help but share my happiest and biggest smile at this point!

How would you describe your approach to your weddings?

I have a fun yet professional approach. I like people to feel comfortable with me – they have invited me to be apart of the beginning of their special day. Fun and candid conversations- lots of giggles and a champagne or two for the clients to ease the nerves in the room!


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, and I love to! Weddings travel so I do as well. I love destination weddings- new settings and new people fuel my passion for my business.

Do you have vendors on your books that you can help you brides in the planning process?

I do! And lots of them. I have heaps of friends in the industry, and I have connected with many people when being apart of weddings. Because of this its always a pleasure to recommend vendors I know that jump to mind as the plans come to life.

How far in advance do we need to book a makeup artist for our wedding?

The sooner the better, to avoid disappointment.

If you are looking at a long weekend: 18 months.

During peak season Oct-March: 6-12 months.

Dream wedding location to be the makeup artist?

Tropical everything!

-Favourite story from working with a client to date?

I became quite close with a bride of mine after doing her trial, work ball, hens, kitchen tea and of course wedding. She invited me out after her wedding and we had a dance and have stayed great friends since! I love getting to know my clients- they and I both feel relaxed and just makes for a much better experience.

I love getting to know my clients- they and I both feel relaxed and just makes for a much better experience. It’s always fun getting into the excitement of the plans leading to a big day! Sharing the emotions on the morning of has to be one of the most special parts of my job!

How would you describe yourself as a person in three words?




-What makes you different from others in your field?

My ability to make things fun, yet professional and being able to LISTEN. I think it’s very important for brides/any clients to have their ideas listen too. It’s their ideas, their visions that reflect them on the day and I am just there to give my helping and professional touch on this! Making the dreams come true and making my clients feel so gorgeous is just the best! #ilovemyjob

-Have you got any tips for a searching bride looking for a make up artist?

Recommendations! Try and go with someone who likes their makeup like you do – these are always the best.

I also feel its important to listen to the professionals. Based on your wedding location or the plans for the day listen to your vendors, be it your hair, makeup or even your photographer- these are the experts- with years of experience- they are there to only improve what starts as an idea in your mind and develop them into the most magical experience/day of your life!

becwilsonmakeup-pinninghair-Having worked in the Wedding industry for some time now, do you have any general advice for brides planning their day?

Don’t be upset or alarmed if your day doesn’t go to schedule. The most important thing is that you marry your best friend – nothing else!

Let the day unfold and be a reflection of you and your partners love- not a timeline set in stone that only stressing you or those involved!

-Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

Everyone has their own taste and own ideas you can’t really taint that. But I am quite partial to lace flowy dresses! The forever growing and creative boundaries of a wedding are yet another part of my job that I love! Seeing the bride in her dress/putting the veil in or even receiving some photos from the day is just the height of the day for me! The gorgeous gowns and everything wedding these days- the sky is the limit.

-Favourite hobby or non-work related activities?

Fitness – Netball, gym, running, waterskiing, wakeboarding! All of the activities. I love getting out and exercise is very important to me and my lifestyle.

Do you offer only Bridal make-up or other services too?

All Services with makeup – I have an airbrushing machine also. With hair – session styling only.


I have had the pleasure of working with Bec on lots of Weddings. Our most recent Wedding together can be seen here.


Where can you find Bec? Links below :)

Website: www.becwilson.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/becwilsonmua/

Instagram: @becwilsonmua

Pintrest: Bec Wilson makeup artist