Photobooth vs Gif vs Instagram- By Mr and Mrs Booth

Today on Madeleine loves I am introducing Mr & Mrs Booth. So much love for this power couple as they grow and grow their empire!

Let’s start with a bio from the owners:

We have been running Mr & Mrs Booth for 3.5 years now ( and no, our surname is not Booth!) – the name and logo were picked as we wanted something catchy and a play on words. Our initial goal was to do 10 weddings per year, however now we attend approx 100 events per year ( 90% of these are weddings). We’ve been really fortunate to have the support of our family and friends in  starting and building our business – we started with photobooths, and recently upgraded our photo booths to a more modern looking machine (which we designed and developed with another company, which we are partners in) , and have added Instagram Printers, GIF Booths and marquee letters. Word of mouth/referrals would be one of our main sources of work  – and we often see the same groups of people several times a year. We made a decision very early on in building our business, we would support some local charities and not for profit companies – Good Friday Appeal, Second Chance Animal Rescue  w and Melbourne City Ballet.


Every Bride (and Groom) want that unique touch to their wedding – personalised menus, doves being released, giant letters spelling out their names and the trusty old photo booth.

More and more weddings are booking photo booths   – they are not only wanting their photographer to capture the serious photos, but want the memories of their drunk uncle, silly friends or grandparents wearing feather boas preserved.

There are a heap of products on the market that are offered to assist with capturing those more relaxed and fun moments (like seriously, how funny are drunk uncles!) – we have a few which we offer and our favourites (and even had at our wedding);



Gone is the old black box and red curtain. This baby is a looker and fits perfectly with its look and size in any event/venue. The perks with a photobooth is you get props (lots of them!), you get to pose, get a logo to announce what the event is and get an instant copy (whether digital or print). It’s quick, fairly simple and fun! No-one has to be tech saavy and pretty much everyone from your 80 year old grandmother to your 5 year old nephew have been in a photobooth.


GIF Booth

GIF Photobooth

GIF Booth- Mr and Mrs Booth

Everyone under the age of 30 loves a GIF and has been sure to send someone a mildly inappropriate one, or created one on Boomerang ( if you’re asking what Boomerang is… download it). A Gif booth can also come with props, and instead of taking 3 photos 5 seconds apart, it take 6-8 photos within a space of 5 seconds and turns them into a … GIF! You have enough time in between shots to move slightly and the results can be crying-it’s-so-funny fun! You still get the logo/name of the event on the photos/GIF, but your guests simple just type in their number and it shoot it to their phone – an upload can be done to social media, email or just kept on the phone. If you are wanting something a little different, this is the one.


Instagram Printer


Social Media is the way to go these days, and not only are businesses and individuals creating hashtags, but so are most couples. It means that their guests can upload their photos on Instagram and the happy couple can search the hashtag and see all the photos from the night.

An Instagram Printer not only captures those photos for you (through the technology) , but they also print out branded up. The guests can take photos anywhere in the world and provided they are using the allocated hashtag and they have their profile on public, the photos will print at the reception (or wherever you have booked us for). We have two really cool features though that we offer ; 1. Mobile upload for those that don’t use Instagram/don’t want to – means all guests can take their own photos and upload to a weblink and they will still print, 2. A roaming attendant to take photos of those that don’t want to take their own/don’t have a smart phone.


There are so many ways to make your wedding unique and some of our products are just a few – as a recently married couple, we’ve been through the planning/ideas etc ( Budget always comes in!). We decided to create the fun/party atmosphere at our wedding, and our guests took home plenty of memories (and I dare say hangovers) thanks to some of the super cool products we had there.


Happy wedding planning!


Thanks so much for being on Madeleine Loves.

I love working with these guys- they are always a pleasure.

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