Nicole and James’ Engagement Photography

Leading up to Nicole and James’ engagement photography session, I was so excited. The two of them are so friendly and approachable, they make you feel like you have been friends for years. This was the second time I have had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple; shooting their engagement party in the RACV Club was also so much fun.

Once we had locked in a date for the engagement shoot, we were tossing around ideas of where it would take place. After a bit of pondering, I got an e-mail from Nicole suggesting Xavier College in Kew. James was a past student here and said he knew of fabulous places around the school we could use.

As I drove into the grounds and saw the beautiful sandstone buildings for myself, I gave James kudos for choosing such a great location. I met the two of them near the entrance and they were both dressed to the nines and looking lovely. They were clearly excited for the afternoon ahead, which set the tone for the session.

We began by taking photos outside the chapel. The thick stone pillars on either side of tall wooden doors made for a great backdrop. From here, we made our way down a walkway lined by tall, lush trees. Wherever they went, they only had eyes for each other. Nicole looked up at him with a constant smile on her face, which made every photo I captured full of love.

I snapped away with my camera as the three of us wandered around the grounds, chatting and laughing. We also discussed their upcoming wedding in April, which I will also be photographing. Nicole and James have been a joy throughout the entire planning process and I am looking forward to seeing this day come together. Nicole’s sense of style and eye for detail is sure to make this a gorgeous wedding.

A lot of close-ups were in mind for the day, as I could see the adoration reflected in their eyes. The both of them share so much love for each other, which comes across in this intimate session. Engagement sessions are a great way for us to get to know each other, as it’s just me, my camera and the couple. It allows them to get to know me and my style as we play around under my direction while sneaking in those candid moments.

We waited for the sun to set, so we could leverage the soft, romantic lighting in the photos. Unfortunately, Melbourne didn’t turn it on for us that day and the clouds swallowed up the sunset. In any case, we still got some gorgeous shots to end the lovely day. The two of them were content and relaxed and it was great for me to naturally capture they ways they interact with each other.

I genuinely cannot wait to be a part of their upcoming wedding, as I know we will have so much fun on the day. Seeing these two tie the knot and start the next chapter of their lives together will be an absolute privilege.

Much love,

Madeleine xx


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