Nicole and James’ Wedding Photography

Words cannot express how happy I am to have met these two lovebirds or how lucky I am to have gotten to know Nicole and James over the last year or so. I have had the pleasure of photographing the lovely couple twice before their wedding. The first time was at their engagement party at the RACV club, and the second time was an intimate engagement session a few months ago.

Every time I have spoken with or have seen Nicole and James, it has truly felt like catching up with dear friends. I had been looking forward to shooting their wedding for fourteen months; when the day finally arrived, it surpassed my already high expectations! It was such a special day and every person made me feel so welcome.

The first stop of the day was to James’ family home in Doncaster to meet him and his best friend, Alex. I got some great shots of the details, and then of the two of them getting ready for the day ahead. This was an amazing house and made for a lovely backdrop for these preparation shots. They were very organised so this part of the day moved along nice and quickly. We also got some family photographs in the stunning gardens before it was time to see the girls!

My second shooter, Tess, and I arrived at Nicole and James’ apartment in Kew and were both blown away by how gorgeous they looked. Their hair was done by Ayse from Suite J and their make-up was done by Chanel Boutique. We photographed the clusters of people taking part in the preparations; it was nice to see so many people involved in this special day.

It was then time for Nicole to get changed into her wedding gown. We all observed these beautiful moments as her mum helped her into her dress. Everyone was in awe of her beauty; the detail in Tania Stokes’ design was incredible. The lace in her full-length sleeves was so intricate and she looked stunning from head to toe. Before long it was time for Tess and I to head to the church in South Melbourne.

As Tess and I arrived at this large church, another ceremony was finishing up. Lesley, the florist from Dogwood & Co, was patiently waiting to head in and set up the finishing touches. Guests began arriving and as we stood outside, a harpist played soft background music that was enjoyed by all. It was soon time to enter and guests to find their seats. We were all stunned at how gorgeous it was inside; the high ceilings and stained glass made for a beautiful setting.

While Tess photographed the guests inside, I headed outside to capture those moments of the bride’s arrival. As Nicole stepped out of the car, she looked radiant. One of my favourite images this season is a black and white shot of Nicole walking into the church. She was radiating with pure elegance!

The ceremony itself was lovely; Nicole’s mother walked her beautiful daughter down the aisle and looked so proud. Everyone watched in joy as their marriage was officiated. Towards the end, the wedding party was asked to join the father in an adjoining room for the signing. The family joined them to show their congratulations. Once the documents were signed, the happy couple was showered in confetti and everyone cheered. Family and friends shared hugs and kisses, clearly elated to officially welcome each other into their family.

Some great shots were taken at the church before we all decided to head to the RACV club for the reception. Upon arrival, we took some fabulous shots of all the amazing details in the space. The room looked stunning; Nicole, James, the RACV team, and the many vendors did an amazing job setting up for the occasion.

The area was decorated with fresh flowers, bon-bons by Petite Cadeau, as well as large letters by In Bloom Floral Design on the dance floor that spelt out James & Nicole. Cake Ink did a fabulous job, as it looked and tasted delicious. The band, Baker Boys, did a great job getting everybody on their feet to dance the night away. Everyone was clearly enjoying themselves.

The wedding party and I stepped away to take some stunning shots on the patio of the penthouse function space. The views of the city up here looked fabulous, and the sun was softly setting over the skyline. The lighting was perfect for this relaxed session with both the group, as well as portraits of Nicole and James alone. We then headed back to re-join the guests and capture some candid shots of everyone celebrating.

Heartfelt speeches were shared, followed by their first dance and the cutting of the cake. The guests all watched in awe as the happy couple celebrated in style. It was so lovely to be a part of this perfect day. I wish Nicole and James all the very best and it has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of this experience. I can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming adventures!

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