Mel and Joe’s Engagement Party Photography

Mel and Joe are a lovely couple who live in the UK, but are both originally from Melbourne. I got so excited when I received Mel’s initial e-mail enquiry. She shared a small glimpse of what her plans were for their upcoming engagement party and I could already tell it would be fabulous.

The garden party was held at Joe’s beautiful family home in Warrandyte South. There was a wonderful spread of delicious treats, flowing drinks and an impressive cake for this special occasion. The buffet table was filled with fluffy cupcakes, yo-yo biscuits and colourful macaroons. Vibrant fresh flowers adorned the outdoor area as well, making for a very pretty setting.

There were plenty of photographs on display from all of Mel and Joe’s adventures throughout their years of knowing each other. They met overseas, moved to the UK and spent time travelling the world together. As guests arrived, wine barrels and stools were topped with delicious cheese platters and finger foods.

Friends and family mingled within the two marquees set up amongst the gardens; everyone looked so delighted to be there celebrating this couple’s upcoming marriage. The expanse of property was amazing; such a great job had been done setting up for the lovely day. We were all lucky to have bright sunshine and blue skies throughout the afternoon.

Guests chatted and laughed throughout the day. Later in the afternoon, we all gathered on the hill to listen to touching speeches and well wishes from the family. Their story of how they met and fell in love was shared with everyone. Guests were all smiling; it was clear everyone was delighted and inspired by this beautiful couple. After the speeches wrapped up, it was time to cut the cake.

Following this, we had family photos in the stone garden. Members from each side helped organise the group shots, which made this very efficient. After this, I had a short session with just Mel and Joe. They were very content and relaxed; the shots looked great with the sun shining and their smiles were so bright and happy.

Thanks so much to Mel and Joe, who were so lovely throughout the entire day. The garden party was a lot of fun and I’m happy to have been a part of it. Meeting your friends and family was a delight; everyone was so welcoming! I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures together!

M xx



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