Louise and Ben’s Wedding Photography

Louise and Ben’s special wedding ceremony and reception were held at Kensington Town Hall, which was an amazing space. The day was relaxed and shared with a hundred and twenty of their family and closest friends. The entirety of the day was nothing short of incredible and I’m so glad I got to photograph it.

Upon my arrival at the Town Hall, I was greeted by Denise from The Wedding Zone. She was hired to coordinate the event and was clearly doing a fabulous job. The tables were set in place and adorned in white linen. Finishing touches were being put on the bar by Liquid Infusion, who specialise in mobile bar experiences.

I had already visited the venue to scope out locations for my sessions, but it was wonderful to walk in and see how their plans had come to life. The entire space looked great, especially the table centrepieces, which had been done by Thrive Flowers. The ceremony itself was to be held on stage at the front of the room. Large red curtains framed this area, which created a lovely backdrop for the images.

Shortly after, the guests started arriving and the drinks started flowing. Ben and his groom’s party arrived, which included his sister as an honour attendant. His groomsmen looked very dapper in their suits and his sister looked amazing in a flowing black dress. I helped the boys with their flowers and soon enough, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

The guests were seated at the tables and were served drinks as they waited in anticipation. I popped out to the back area to see the bridal party for the first time. Louise and her bridesmaids all looked stunning in their dresses. Louise made a gorgeous bride in her elegant gown by Raffaele Cuica; the low back looked great on her.

After I said hello and wished them well, I headed back into the main area to capture them walking up to the stage. Peter from Mercury DJ Hire did a fabulous job throughout the entire day. On signal, he began the song for the ladies to make their entrance to. As Louise walked in arm in arm with her mum and dad, everyone stood up to admire her.

This was such a happy and proud moment for her parents. Both had smiles on their faces as they walked closer and closer Ben and their daughter’s union. The look of adoration on Ben’s face was indescribable as he waited for her to meet him on stage. As their eyes met, everyone in the room could feel the sparks flying between them.

The ceremony was led by Deb Wain; she had a wonderful way of capturing everyone’s attention. There was plenty of laughter as the couple made their vows, which were both hilarious and sweet. They shared inside jokes between them, including quotes from their favourite Simpsons episodes. They sealed it with a kiss, signed the papers and it was official!

I followed the newlyweds, their parents and grandparents outside for a quick family session. We had only planned for a short session, as Louise and Ben wanted to be able to be amongst the celebrations as soon as they could. After a few great shots, I directed the family back inside to join the reception and leave me with the wedding party.

We had several spots around the venue in mind that we wanted to use for these photos. The front of the building was gorgeous and acted as a great backdrop for this fun little session. Everyone was in great spirits and bright smiles shone in every image. From here we moved on to some more intimate photos of Louise and Ben on their own.

We were so lucky that the sunny weather was holding out for us. Towards the end of our session, we could see the sky growing darker and darker by the minute. We got some wonderful images in front of a row of rustic windows at the side of the building. They only had eyes for each other and paid little attention to my camera, creating natural looking photographs.

It was then time for the entire wedding party to re-join the guests in celebration during the reception. Ben’s friend and colleague, was a great MC throughout the evening. He requested for everyone to take their seats to welcome the groom’s party and bridal party back. Applause then filled the room as Louise and Ben joined everyone to celebrate their love.

Streat Melbourne did a fabulous job catering for the event. Abundant platters of food were set out on everyone’s table for them to graze. Waiters also walked around the room and served guests who were mingling from table to table. The atmosphere was so relaxed and filled with joy for the happy couple.

Heartfelt speeches were then given by Louise’s father and her maid of honour, as well as Ben’s father and his best man. Each was so special and very touching; there is clearly a lot of love for these two! Louise and Ben shared some lovely words and thanked all the guests for joining them to celebrate.

An amazing cake supplied by Bendigo’s Noeline Ead was placed atop a stand next to the wedding party table. Beside this stood a very special card with a detail from the decorations from three generations of the families wedding cakes. As Ben and Louise cut into the cake, everyone toasted and cheered to the happy couple. The night flowed on without a hitch, which included their beautiful first dance as husband and wife.

I would like to thank this amazing couple for including me in their lovely wedding celebration. It was so much fun spending the day with you, your family and your friends. I’m sending you two all my very best wishes for your future together and look forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures!

Much love,

M xxx

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