LET THERE BE CAKE: a cake makers guide to getting your wedding cake right! By LulieCakes

Choosing and designing your wedding cake can be one of the most enjoyable parts in planning a wedding. Here are a few tips and tricks to making the right decisions – and achieving exactly what you want on your special day!

~ Choose your venue, your colour scheme and even your dress first! Your reception space can dictate a lot when is come to your wedding cake. A large, grand reception area and a small single tier cake may not be the perfect combination, whereas a larger extravagant cake may suit the room more appropriately. Colour schemes and venues can also help you cake designer come up with suggestions or ideas, especially if you have no idea what you want initially.

img_5133~ Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get an idea of which business going to suit your needs. So, ask your friends and family who they used for thier wedding cakes.

~ Second to personal referrals, do some online research. Are you more comfortable with a larger wedding cake company, or would you prefer to use a smaller boutique business? You can find many of these businesses through a quick Google search on the net. At least, it should give you a rough start on the styles you like, cake costs and how businesses take orders.

Note! If their photographs aren’t up to date, their cakes won’t be either!

~ Get your partner involved! If you are overwhelmed with everything else, or simply want to do it together – get them involved. I find that both partners are excited by the thought of planning their wedding cake!

img_6196~ Don’t be afraid to do something new or to get creative! Never before have wedding cakes been more diverse, from donut towers to vibrant hand painted designs, caramel drip cakes to edible gold leaf and water colour. Cake makers love trying new things! This is where trusting your designer and giving them ample time to experiment and understand your vision.

~ ‘Flavour, flavour flavour’ – again, don’t be afraid to get creative here! It’s your day (and your partners), it’s YOUR cake, so make it what you want! If you want a plain chocolate cake – got for it! If you want a cake with alternate flavours and two kinds of frosting – DO IT! Not everyone likes cake (I know, it’s taken me a while to get my head around this concept) and like the saying goes “you can’t please everyone” so all that should matter is that you and the love of your life are happy!

~ and for those of you who are a little stumped… if you have no idea… ASK! Your cake maker/designer for suggestions! Or jump onto PINTREST (if you haven’t come across PINTREST before… I take no responsibility for the many hours You are about to lose “pinning things”) and browse anyway! You will be sure to find something that stands out to you!

LulieCake3Ultimately it comes down to what you and your partner want. The ideal cake maker is one that you feel comfortable communicating with, puts you at ease and is eager to help you achieve what YOU want!

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