Lauren + Casey’s Winery Wedding Photography

Lauren and Casey were married at the beautiful Glen Erin Winery in Lancefield. I was so excited to have received this enquiry, as I knew this charming area very well. My family lives there and I go there to visit often. It’s a gorgeous place with lovely rolling hills on the horizon.

Leading up to the wedding, Lauren was so pleasant to work with. She was always happy and positive, which really set the tone for the entire wedding. When the day finally arrived, we were all delighted to see that Melbourne finally gave us a rest from the ongoing rain. The day was a perfect twenty-four degrees and sunny!

To begin the day, I arrived at Lauren and Casey’s house, where the boys were getting ready. The large bridal party meant there was a lot happening! They were all preparing for the day together, so it was nice to arrive in the height of the excitement.

I grabbed the details and worked with these first. All of the details looked great together; the complementing styles and colours worked well. I especially loved the fresh Coopers Cottage flowers. I then moved on to take shots of the boys getting ready. They all looked very dapper as they had spent the morning at the barber. Casey’s dad was there as well as they finished off the last touches; it was a very relaxed and candid session.

Casey has a passion for cars and had been working on his to use for the wedding. His family and friends also have specialty cars, so all of them were planning to arrive to the venue in style. We got some great shots of the boys next to them. I knew Casey had been working on his car right up until the night before his wedding and was proud of it – rightfully so!

After the session with the boys, I went to visit the girls. Lauren was getting ready with her bridal party at Casey’s parent’s house, which is nestled within the rolling hills. When I arrived, Lauren’s hair and make-up had just been finished by Glam on the Glow; she looked stunning. She was eagerly awaiting getting into her wedding dress.

I first photographed the bridal details; these were also lovely! She picked out delicate bowed shoes and gorgeous pearls that only added to the beauty of her Designer Grace wedding dress. The time finally arrived for Lauren to go to the bedroom to step into her custom made dress. As she came back out, everything truly came together. As the bridal party caught their first glimpse of her, emotions ran high; there were a few tears as everyone commented on how beautiful she looked.

We got some great photos of Lauren with the girls, who all looked gorgeous in soft pastel toned dresses. We then got some great shots with Lauren and Casey’s mum, which were very special. The time soon came to head off the Glen Erin for the ceremony and reception. As I was leaving, the cars were being organised to collect the girls.

Once I arrived, I was able to photograph the details and décor of ceremony area as well as the reception room. Everything looked so lovely and it was clear Lauren and Casey put a lot of effort into this. I especially loved all the DIY elements, including place card holders and the wishing well.

The boys arrived at the venue and were very excited. Guests arrived shortly after; Glen Erin also has plenty of rooms for accommodation, so began checking in. All of their rooms faced the ceremony outside, so their views were lovely.

Soon enough the guests settled into their seats and the boys lined up at the front of the ceremony. There was an excited buzz in the air as everyone awaited the girls. They finally arrived and gracefully walked down the aisle. Casey eagerly anticipated seeing his bride. At long last, Lauren walked arm in arm with her loving mother; the two of them clearly have a very special bond.

With big smiles on their faces, Lauren and Casey met at the front of the ceremony. Scott Clothier, their civil celebrant, did a lovely job at leading them through their vows. The arch set against the beautiful scenery in the background created a perfect setting. Everyone watched on in joy as the two of them proclaimed their love to each other and joined in marriage.

We did a group shot of the bride and groom with all of their family and friends who attended. Following this, guests were invited to head to the reception area for drinks and canapés. The bridal party and I then headed off into the vines for some photos. This close group of friends giggled throughout the shoot; it was clear they were having so much fun as they gathered together. The happy vibes are reflected in these lovely images.

Once I finished with the bridal party shots, we continued on with just Lauren and Casey. It’s so important for me to have some alone time with my newlyweds. Having their full attention even if it’s just for a short time, always creates images that are so special. We got some great shots walking amongst the vines and long the track.

Lauren and Casey, I wish you all the best in your future! You two are so wonderful together and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures. This shoot will always be very dear to me, as we all had such a lovely and relaxed time. You were so accommodating to me and just a pleasure to work with. Congratulations again!

Lots of love,

Madeleine xxx