How to Choose What to Wear in Your Family Photo

How to Choose What to Wear in Your Family Photo

Deciding on what to wear in a family photo shoot can often be daunting. These are photos you will keep for generations; they’ll presumably be hanging in your office, set as your desktop background and given to your in-laws and dearest friends.

It’s important to plan these outfits ahead to avoid stress on the day of your shoot. Use these five helpful hints to help choose the perfect wardrobe for your family photo session.

1. Don’t wear only one colour.

While you don’t want to wear too many colours, you also shouldn’t wear items with only one solid colour, like a blue top paired with blue jeans. Wearing too much of the same colour – especially all black or all white – can cause parts of the photo to blend into each other. This creates a loss of detail in the final frame.

2. Coordinate your colours.  

Try not to match your outfits completely; this was popular once upon a time, but can now be seen as a bit tacky. Instead, opt for a few colours you all agree on and base your outfits on this colour scheme. Kids clothing shops usually have areas where they sell a range of items to easily mix and match. Try to shop in this area when you’re picking out your children’s outfits.

3. Try to limit patterns and loud prints. 

Having one or two people wear patterns can look good, but try to balance the outfits out with some solid colours as well to avoid distraction. Try to avoid loud prints on your clothing as well. Although your son may find it hard to part with his favourite Wiggles jumper, it can detract from the rest of the image.

4. Add accessories, textures and props. 

Including accessories can add to your outfits; don’t be afraid to add textures by wearing a scarf, layering a cardigan over your top, or placing flowers in your daughter’s hair. Props can also be fun to incorporate in your family photoshoot – bring a picnic basket to the park or build sandcastles on the beach if it’s an outdoor shot.

5. Consider the background. 

Think about the location in which you will be photographed. If it’s in a studio, think about how the backdrop will complement what you are wearing. Every aspect of your outfit needs to work with its surroundings. On that note, pay attention to your home or office décor; you will presumably be hanging these framed images up on your wall.

Keep in mind you’ll be caring for these photos for years and years. By wearing classic clothing that won’t become outdated too quickly, your photos will feel ageless. Now that you’re ready to choose what to wear, it’s time to book a family photo shoot!