Garden Ceremony & Lagoon Wedding in Queensland

On a warm sunny day, Brent and Mel’s guests arrived at the gorgeous Twin Waters Novotel resort for the weekend. I arrived to begin taking photos and was met by a group of very funny and excitable groomsmen.The boys started the day in the stunning Lagoon suite, which overlooked the water.
Shooting the boys getting ready felt very relaxed; they drank whiskey, smoked cigars and laughed.

Meanwhile, in the next suite, the girls were also preparing for the wedding. They had stayed over the night before, watching Magic Mike and drinking champagne, and were in a great mood. This room was full of natural light and perfect for photography. I was able to capture the ladies getting more excited by the minute as they got their hair and make up done.

Before we knew it, Mel’s bridesmaids and her mum helped her into her stunning dress. Her hairpiece brought the whole ensemble together and she made a gorgeous bride. Her dad’s face lit up as he saw his daughter for the first time as a bride.

Everyone jumped into golf carts and headed to the ceremony. The setting was very tranquil; the ceremony faced the lagoon surrounded by the resort.
Mel and Brent smiled through the entire exchange of vows; there were intimate moments as well as funny moments, which delighted everyone in the audience.

Following the ceremony, I took shots of the entire bridal party, who were all so happy for the couple. I then pulled the newlyweds away for some great shots.
I love working with the couple themselves ensuring the full attention so the Bridal party headed back to suite for refreshments. This way, we could get these shots right so they can enjoy the reception.

It was easy to capture great shots of these two. They were so happy and in the moment, and the sun began to set and soft lighting bounced elegantly through the trees. The couple was relaxed and their happiness was portrayed in every image. Lovely candid moments made this an especially wonderful shoot for me. We soon took golf buggies back to the join the bridal party. They re-joined their guests for a lovely reception at Lily’s.

Such beautiful natural lighting made these images look so elegant; it was a pleasure watching Mel and Brent unite in marriage. For more outdoor wedding photography, have a look at this garden wedding I recently photographed.


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