Esther & Wei’s Registry Office Wedding Photography

I first met Esther and Wei in a bustling café in Collingwood. As we sat with our coffees, they told me about themselves and their wedding plans. They decided on an intimate family ceremony at the registry office in Melbourne. The two of them make such a gorgeous couple – they excitedly told me about how they met and fell in love with each other.

The day of their wedding arrived and I was so excited to see them again. We had kept in touch via e-mail leading up to the special day to make sure we were always on the same page. As I walked into the registry offices, I saw the Esther and Wei’s beaming faces. It was so great to see their family and friends gathered around for this special occasion.

After everyone had greeted each other, it was time for the ceremony to start. The guests took their seats and waiting in anticipation for the ceremony to unfold. It was simply a beautiful exchange of vows and rings; in no time at all, the two were united in marriage. They could barely contain their excitement as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Not long after the ceremony finished, we headed outside for some photos. To start with, we got some family portraits out the front of the building. Everyone looked fantastic and smiled from ear to ear. You can easily see the happiness shining through in every shot, and I’m sure these will be treasured by years and years.

Following this, the newlyweds and I headed off for an intimate photography session of just the two of them. We chose the treasury gardens which we right beside the registry offices. The autumn leaves were scattered on the ground, bringing out lovely pops of colour in the final images. We then headed to the Fitzroy Gardens and used the conservatory and line of trees as our backdrop. They were naturals as smiled effortlessly in front of the camera while walking hand in hand.

We decided to head to the city and wandered around a few different locations. One of these was a few laneways covered in graffiti… you can’t get any more Melbourne than that! We also got some great shots in the Royal Arcade, as well as the GPO building. We had a lovely afternoon together; as the daylight began to fade, I said goodbye to Esther and Wei. They were excited to get back to their friends and family to celebrate the day’s events!

I’d like to thank this amazing couple for having me as a part of their special day. It was wonderful to meet you both. You’re a beautiful couple and I wish you all the very best in your future together!

Much love,

M xxx


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