Erin + Grant’s Garden Wedding Photography

It was an absolute pleasure being the wedding photographer for Erin and Grant, who are a fun and vibrant couple with an adorable daughter, Gabrielle. There was so much happiness and light-heartedness shining through every image; it was clear everyone had a wonderful time celebrating this young family’s love.

Before the ceremony, I took photographs of the girls getting their hair and make up done by Bec Wilson. They all looked stunning in complementing dresses and bright smiles. Once the boys were ready, they joined us for more group shots.

Shortly after, Grant saw Erin in her wedding dress for the first time – this allowed us to take more photographs in advance, so they could attend the reception sooner once the ceremony ended. This is called a ‘first look’. These shots were fun and relaxed, as the entire wedding party laughed and enjoyed themselves.

As time for the ceremony to start drew near, Erin and her bridesmaids went to hide before the 130 or so guests began arriving. They jumped in the car and stayed at the neighbour’s house so they could make a grand entrance once everyone settled in.

The garden ceremony was set up on Erin’s parent’s property in Kilmore. Perfectly groomed gardens, roses and greenery made this a picturesque backdrop where friends and family could witness this gorgeous couple get married.

White chairs were placed along a red carpet, where the bridesmaids made their entrance. Next, Erin and her father walked down the aisle arm in arm. Erin’s mum held little Gabrielle with joy and anticipation. Everyone was elated once their vows were shared and they shared a kiss.

As the sun was setting, we went to take some family photos. We got great shots of the couple, along with their parents and Gabrielle. From here, we joined family and friends at the reception. This was especially fun for me, as many of the guests were familiar faces. I was able to catch up with friends as I captured the joy in the air.

The reception area looked so impressive; many working bees did a wonderful job at making the area look relaxed, yet simply elegant. The main area and dance floor was built over the family swimming pool! Food trucks provided catering, including the popular Mr Burger, as bar staff served drinks throughout the evening.

Overall, this was a fun and relaxed wedding, where I was able to catch many candid shots of this laidback and loving couple. I wish them all the best and was glad I got to share in this wonderful experience.

Vendors listed below:
Florist: Grattan Flowers
Makeup: Bec Wilson
Celebrant: Lisa Hunt-Wotton
Marquee, crockery, glasses and furniture was A1 Party Hire
Beer was Kegs on Legs
Food Trucks: The Greek Street Food Van, Mr Burger and Sweet Bakes and Cakes

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