Colleen and Anthony’s Wedding Photography

I’m so grateful to Colleen and Anthony for letting me be a part of this special day. They are a fabulous couple and I want to congratulate them with all my heart! From beginning to end, working with these two was such a joy.

On the day of their wedding, I started by heading to Anthony’s parent’s house for a getting-ready session. His brother and sister were his part of his best man and honorary patron; both seemed very calm and ready for the day ahead. We began with a very laid-back session as the three of them laughed together enjoyed this quality time. Harper, Colleen and Anthony’s little boy, was here too. He played with some of the other kids and it was lovely to see his cute face again!

Once I was happy with the amount of shots I got, it was time for me to head to Colleen’s parent’s house. Upon arrival, there was a champagne toast and the girls were relaxing after having their hair and make-up done. They were all looking fabulous in their robes as they waited for the day’s festivities to begin. I got some great shots of them getting ready; after they changed into their dresses, everything came together beautifully. Colleen wore a breathtaking gown by Jannifer Wu Couture. It was simple, yet stunning and complemented her gorgeous figure perfectly.

In the early stages of booking, we decided we would include a First Look session. This meant we would have most of the photos taken before the ceremony. During this time of year, the daylight would be finishing up earlier so this was the best move. We met at Napier Park. A few spits of rain did not hold us back and the bridal party toughed it out for this special session. I insisted that Colleen and Anthony have their first glance alone, as it is a very intimate moment. Anthony had his back turned away as Colleen approached him; he turned around to face her and the expression on his face was brilliant.

Soon after, I invited the rest of the bridal party to re-join us. So many smiles were exchanged; they were all so excited for the happy couple. We took some great shots of them here before heading to the next location: the bowls club where their engagement party was held. Everyone was in great spirits as they lined up for some more group shots. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the beautiful Emu Bottom Estate in Sunbury.

This was the perfect venue for photos, which we took full advantage of. As the sun began the set, the lighting was beautifully soft. I took some lovely photos of Colleen and Anthony alone. The love in their eyes are apparent and I could tell they could hardly wait to marry each other. We finished off this session with some family photos. This was a good move, as we knew it was going to be dark outside by the time the ceremony wrapped up.

It was then time for the guests to start arriving. The gathered outside the slab hut, which is where the ceremony would take place. They were then ushered inside as the music began and the bridal party was about to make their entrance. By candlelight, these two were lucky enough to marry their best friend and confidante. After some beautiful vows were exchanged in front of the open fireplace, they shared first kiss as husband and wife.

Following the ceremony, the guests enjoyed drinks and canapés. They were then welcomed into the reception area, where the Craig Francis Music band began their incredible set. This rustic venue was perfect for this special celebration; the table settings looked gorgeous. Friends and family sat along down to enjoy, quite frankly, some of the funniest speeches I have witnessed at a wedding! Everyone was clearly having an incredible time and eagerly got onto the dance floor.

Again, I would like to say a warm thank you to Colleen and Anthony, as well as their family and friends. This was a fabulous day and one I won’t soon forget!

All the best,

M xx


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