Carlie and John’s Wedding Photography

Carlie and John planned a truly sensational wedding day and I’m so glad I got to photograph it. The two lovebirds are lucky enough to now be married to their best friend of four years. All of their family and friends gathered around to witness this wonderful couple begin the rest of their lives together.

This wedding felt extra special to me, as I’ve known Carlie for over fourteen years now. We met at boarding school in Ballarat at Clarendon College. I was so thrilled to have received the phone call from her letting me know that she and John had become engaged!

The day of the wedding arrived and I was so excited. I had heard so much about their plans leading up to the day. I was lucky enough to have already visited the gorgeous property where the reception was being held. I picked up my second shooter, Tess, and was on my way to Ballarat for the big day.

Our first stop of the day was to visit the Carlie, her bridesmaids and her family members getting ready. It was lovely to be greeted by her family, who I’ve known for years. We had a wonderful time catching up before I began shooting away with my camera. Carlie and her bridesmaids had had their hair and make-up done and were eagerly awaiting getting into their dresses.

Carlie’s Raffale Ciuca wedding gown was hanging in the bedroom window and looked absolutely stunning. I snapped away and admired the way the sun streamed in and created a beautiful silhouette. Flowers by Lou Lou’s Florist looked stunning sitting in a box, which I included in the detail shots. The bridesmaids got into their dresses and then helped Carlie into her gorgeous gown.

It was lovely that Carlie’s grandmother, brother and father were all able to have a first look. As the beautiful bride stepped into the lounge room wearing her wedding dress, the expressions on everyone’s faces were filled with emotion. We took some quick photos of the family before we headed off.

The ceremony took place at St Patricks Church in Ballarat; it was a gorgeous church and such a perfect location. Before all of the guests arrived, I took the John, his groomsmen and some of his family aside for some photos. The stone walls on the side of the church acted as the perfect backdrop for this little session.

Soon after, the girls arrived; everyone was so excited to get the ceremony underway. Once guests were seated, it was time for the bridal parties’ grand entrance. You’ve Got the Love was performed; the atmosphere was filled with anticipation. The flower girls did so well and were followed by the beautiful bridesmaids. Finally, everyone gasped in delight as Carlie and her dad walked arm in arm down the aisle. He looked so proud to be a part of this special event.

The ceremony itself was led by Father Justin Driscoll, which was lovely. The guests could hardly wait to congratulate the newlyweds, which took place outside of the church. Each and every one of those who witnessed their matrimony looked elated and couldn’t take the smiles off their faces. Everyone was then gathered into buses to make their way to gorgeous Mount Mitchell for the reception.

This stunning property is a photographer’s dream to shoot at. The rolling fields, glistening lake and rustic elements created such a romantic setting. Upon arrival, we began taking detail shots. The marquee from Ballarat Party Hire had its sides removed so that sunlight streamed into the space. The linen by Di Simmons looked so elegant. Hayleymade made an amazing sprinkle cake with bright colours and a bow, which was set up at a table for everyone to admire.

We met the newlyweds in the driveway for the first location shoot. Thick trees lined the driveway, which created a perfect setting for these shots. We then headed towards the lake, which was sparkling in the sunlight. A gorgeous willow tree’s leaves were swooping down from above and the rolling hills could be seen in the distance. The couple stood upon a little bridge and gazed at each other so lovingly.

There were so many amazing locations on this property. We also took advantage of the beautiful vast fields, where I got shots of the entire wedding party. There were also stables, which Carlie and John got some lovely photos in front of. Needless to say, all of these location shots look so beautiful and I loved every minute of this session.

The reception started and the wedding party made their grand entrance into the marquee. The MC for the evening was one of John’s close friends, Dennis. He kept the atmosphere enjoyable, as his light and funny sense of humour delighted everyone. The events team served everyone an entrée and a main, as well as a roaming dessert; Charlton Catering did a fabulous job.

As the night progressed and the final speech came to a close, I took John and Carlie aside once more. We ran off into the fields as the sun set over the spectacular property. The soft lighting made for some truly stunning shots, which I’m sure will be cherished for years to come.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Carlie and John, the wedding party, and each of their families. I am so honoured to have been a part of this gorgeous celebration. Seeing Carlie and John together brought me so much happiness, as I can see the love in every look they give each other. I’d also like to thank Tess, my second shooter, for going above and beyond on our road trip from Melbourne.

All the best,

M xx

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