Alyssa + Luke’s Moroccan Gypsy Festival Wedding

Set amongst the Brides Dad’s beautiful 4 acre property in Woodend is where this incredible wedding took place. The property has long been known for its beautiful gardens- and wow that is an understatement.

I have known Alyssa, the beautiful bride, for quite some time as she also works in the Wedding industry, as an amazing florist and event stylist (Thrive Flowers and Events). Through working together we had become such good friends and I was just thrilled when she had asked me not only as a guest to her wedding but also to capture her special day. I jumped at the opportunity having known her personally- and the ideas she had for this fabulous celebration!

The day went off perfectly. Although it was a little sketchy weather-wise the morning of, this didn’t stop the amazing day unfold. As soon as Alyssa entered the Ceremony (through the most stylish entrance doors I have ever seen!) the sun came out and lit the ceremony perfectly! So many surprises throughout the day, including the African drummer that started the ceremony celebrations, but then also lead guests to the drinks and canapé area around the house of the property. Little did the guest know that the reception- based in the most amazing Tipi was awaiting around the back of the house.

Soon after deciding the wedding would be held in this inspiring place they realised there was no where flat enough for the Tipi’s – so big works started as they decided to bulldoze the land (16×8 meters!). One of the fabulous working bees, Alyssa, said, “It really brought my family a lot closer together and enabled the two families to get to know each other throughout the year whilst working on the land before the wedding”.

Alyssa and Luke both knew they wanted to have an outdoor wedding. Lucky for these guys the property (that had finished being built only the year prior) was just perfect for there dream festival vibe wedding!

When I asked Alyssa what inspired her to have the theme of her wedding she responded, “I’ve always been inspired by Morocco; the colours, the fabrics, the patterns and textures. I was never happy to settle for a traditional marquee but wasn’t sure of the options. Once we found the Tipi’s, the whole Gypsy/Moroccan theme was a no brainer and it all started to come together. It was important to have something I’d never done before as a floral/event stylist, in all aspects of my own wedding. This is what I love doing for a living, and mine had to be standout and not feel like work at all.”

Plus she said she wanted to throw the ‘best party ever’ which she truly did!

The idea of a festival vibe Wedding just made this day truly unique and I was just so happy to be a part of it! So excited as this Wedding was featured with Polka Dot Bride. You can see the blog post here.


VENDOR DREAMTEAM listed below:

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