Wedding Photography FAQs


How would you describe your shooting style?

My style is very candid and relaxed. I don’t like to get in the way especially in the ceremony, unless I ask you to look into the camera I aim to capture you just as you are. I love working with the romance of weddings. Natural scenery, mixed with a couple in love is what my style focus’ on.

What are your packages/prices?

My packages start from $2900, digital files option. Please enquire by my contact page for more information and I will be in touch shortly to discuss your plans.

One thing that is consistent in every package is the inclusion of the JPEG files on USB so you can make as many reprints as you please.

How many photographs do you usually take?

I don’t count images or limit the amount of images to a package, its about what happens on the day and usually I get a little snap happy- so you will end up with hundreds of images of you day. Usually with coverage from getting ready in the morning, to the entrance of reception could receive anywhere from 600-800 professionally edited images.

Usually work on 100 images per hour of coverage.

Do you travel outside of Melbourne?

Yes, and I love to.

I have photographed in lots of amazing places and I continue to love the challenge and excitement of a new location.

Travel for weddings is actually cheaper than you think. If your wedding is more than 1 hour from Parkville, Melbourne, then please just ask for a travel quote when you send your enquiry.

Interstate or international shoots- flights, accommodation and car hire (if needed) will be charged.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, Each images is individually edited to ensure each image is of the highest standard. Retouching/editing to finalise the images to best they can be.

Do we get to meet you in person before the wedding?

Yes- I would love to meet you!

I love meeting all my clients before the Wedding date.

Of course if you are interstate or overseas skype meetings can be arranged.

I love doing this to ensure we are the right fit for each other- to build the story of your wedding day as one complete tale.

How far in advance do we need to book you and do you hold dates while we make up our mind?

Book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Every year some months fill very quickly and so its best to get in as early as possible.

In saying this, I am available last minute at various times of the year so feel free to get I touch whenever you are ready to chat.

I am afraid I don’t hold dates. Wedding dates usually book out 12-18months in advance- so priority is given to those who pay there deposit first. To secure my services for your wedding date, I require the payment of 1/3 of the package option you have selected via Electronic Transfer or Credit card – along with my wedding booking agreement signed.

What are you like on the day?

I will photograph your day very discreetly, so for the most of you day you will not even notice I am there. To capture those special and true images its important for you to be in moment and not be worrying about having a big camera in your face. When it’s time for the family photographs or the group shots I will politely take control to ensure this happens nice and quickly.

I will never make your wedding day feel like a photo shoot. The day is about you celebrating with both family and friends.

I am there to document all the un-repeatable moments…

These are the moments I look for. Your wedding day is so much more than a photo shoot and a couple of I do’s. It’s about your story, your family, your friends and the moments you share when you around them.

How much time should you allow for photographs?

This is a very good question and I like to be involved in the planning of this part of the day.

Please make sure you include your photographer in the planning of this. I need to be sure we allow for time needed to get the photographs to document your special day.

Once we have gone through the details of your wedding I will of course give you some suggestions- of course depends on sunset times and also the timing you your day. We will have a chat about this to ensure we are working with the best light possible.

One tip: It’s always best to allow plenty of time after your ceremony to be congratulated by family and friends.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

I have plenty on umbrellas and we will just make the most of what we have. Some of the best images I have taken are when the weather wasn’t amazing. After your ceremony its my job to find locations we can visit regardless of the weather so I will be sure to have somewhere special in mind or can work with you both to prepare us for this.

Do you offer portrait (engagement) shoots.

Yes, and I love photographing these.

These are a great way to get to know each other- just the three of us without any distractions.

The portrait shoots take between 1-2 hours and are nice and relaxed- great time to get comfortable in front of the camera.

The best time to start with these sessions is one hour before sunset.

Included in the session you will get between 40-60 images in high res in an online gallery approx. two weeks after the session.

How much time should we allow for each of the preparation sessions?

Boys: usually around 45mins

Girls: Usually 1-1.5hours

The preparation sessions are very relaxed- candid.

Please make sure you are not fully dressed when I arrive. Just casual clothes for the boys and girls usually in robes for this session

I generally I leave around 15-20mins before the Bride to head to the ceremony- to ensure I am there in plenty of time – ahead of the Bride.

One note: Getting ready shots require good natural light and a nice open space. If possible have the space relatively clear of clutter and please have all of the important details; such as rings, flowers, jewellery etc. in one spot so I can get to these shots as soon as I arrive at both the boys and the girls preparation shoots.